Bland County Goes to War

The citizens of Bland County have always answered their nation's call to duty. From the battlefields of Europe in the two world wars, to the jungles of Vietnam, to the deserts of Iraq, the people of Bland County have served their nation bravely. The Archives contain oral histories and photos from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and the Persian Gulf War.


Persian Gulf- The war in the Persian Gulf was the first major war fought by an all volunteer army. It also saw the first widespread use of electronics and computers. Soldiers from Bland County fought bravely in this new type of war.

Vietnam War- It is probably the most controversial war in American history. Here is the story of Vietnam as told by citizens of Bland County who served bravely in the thick jungles of southeast Asia.

Korean War- It was an attempt for the U.S. to keep the world safe for democracy. The soldiers who fought in the frigid mountains of the Korean peninsula faced rough conditions. These are the stories of the Bland Countians who took part.

War Brides- These are the stories of women that were taken as brides by overseas American soldiers from Bland County.

World War II- The generation of WWII veterans has been described as the "Greatest Generation" and rightly so. Never have our brave soldiers faced so great a challenge. They left the security of the hills of home to travel to Europe and across the broad Pacific to Asia. These are the stories of the soldiers that hailed from Bland County.

World War I-This was the "War to end all wars." It was the war to "Make the world safe for democracy." When Congress declared war in April of 1917 the United States had to raise and train an army and send it "Over There" as quickly as possible. By 1918 young men from Bland County were in France. These are some of their stories.

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