World War II

The generation of WWII veterans has been described as the "Greatest Generation" and rightly so. Never have our brave soldiers faced so great a challenge. These are the stories of the soldiers that hailed from Bland County.

Pearl Harbor Many Bland County citizens remember where they were when they heard that the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor. The world beyond the hollows and mountains of home was about to reach in and jerk them out and somehow they knew it.

Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen These are the stories of the brave men and women who served in World WarII. Some fought on land, others at sea, and some in the air. Recently the Bland Messenger published a list of WWII veterans from Bland County.

The Home Front These are the stories of the people of Bland County that fought the war by supporting the troops at home. From factory workers to farmers, it took everyone to win it all.

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