Talkin' About Pinch Creek 

"Old Mason Burton, he's dead now, was over in Pinch Creek at a bean hullin' over there and they pinched him, so he said, 'I know what I'll call that creek, Pinch Creek.'" --- Huckleberry Myers.

Bernie Clark shows off a fine tom turkey.
 The Helveys of Pinch Creek pose with dog early in the first part of this century.
Vance and Ina Ramsey pose on the hill overlooking his home place. You are looking towards Hollybrook.
This big old black bear had been terrorizing the Hollybrook area. It tore up Roney Nunn's bee hives back over on Mire Branch and everyone was sure glad to see it hanging up in Bernie's shed.
Mmmmm, sure smells good. Pinch Creek had a bakeoff. They all look like winners to me.
Interview with Ina Ramsey, Mae Blankenship, Minnie Williams, and Dewey Williams

The times they have changed. Ralph and Wayne Clark and Ed Sarver talk.

Tim and Linda Bailey talk about growing up on Pinch Creek and Bastian

Henry Nunn was raised up on the head of Pinch Creek.

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