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My name is Denise Smith, and I am a Bland County historical researcher. I have been researching Bland County history for over 25 years. Long before personal computers could make it possible to research from your own home, I waded through dusty archives, courthouse clerk’s offices and stood in line at libraries waiting to use miles of microfilm to find that elusive ancestor.

Now today from home you can find digital copies of primary records right at your fingertips, you can contact family members from across the globe and share history. The internet has opened the door for stories from Bland County you would have never heard had it not been for projects such as the Bland County History Archives oral history and technology project.

For several years I have answered queries through the Bland County History Archives site for the project. With most queries I tried to send links to other sites I thought might be useful for researchers to find more information. I asked John Dodson if I could put together a list of my favorite sites and have them posted for others who are searching that elusive ancestor. So here is my list of all time favorites for genealogy research.

I’m not a salesman for different subscription sites, I have been asked by researchers on occasion about subscription sites. I highly recommend joining a subscription service such as just for the census records. Though a bit pricey, I have found it worth the money. For unless you live in Richmond and can visit the Library of Virginia to search all the microfilm they have in stock of Virginia Census for free, these sites will pay for themselves within a year. You can search and print from your desk at home when it is convenient for you.

Another site I recommend is called This site is busy placing digital images from the National Archives on line. The Confederate Civil war records for Virginia are available as well as Revolutionary Soldiers records.
But a note of caution for all sites. Just because it’s published on the internet does not mean it is always true. Be sure to back up your own research with as many primary sources as you can find. Happy Ancestor Hunting

Denise Smith
March 2008

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