Bland County Virginia GenWeb
This site is part of the US GenWeb project
US GenWeb is one of the most valuable tools for genealogy researchers, county by county, state by state. At the bottom of the county pages are short cut links to adjoining counties. This is most useful because Bland was formed from Wythe, Tazewell & Giles Counties in 1861. It is also wise to check all the adjoining counties to Bland County as well as counties in Eastern Tennessee and North Carolina. Couples eloped from this area and many marriage records can be found in adjoining states on USGENWeb.
Bland County VA USGENWEB Site:

Rootsweb for all genealogy research
This is a main portal for World Connect Project, USGENWEB and many other sources. You can search family trees that have been placed on line by other family researchers for information.

Giles County, Virginia Research

Pulaski County, Virginia Research

Smyth County, Virginia Research

Tazewell County, Virginia Research

Wythe County, Virginia Research

West Virginia Division of Culture & History website.
The WV Division of Culture and History has placed on line certain county death, birth and marriage records. Bland County residents went to Bluefield, WV to the only local hospital, or worked in the mines & industries of the Southern West Virginia coal counties. Because of these facts many Bland County citizens can be found in the records of West Virginia. This link provides a search tool for these records.

Library of Virginia Digital Collection
This is the opening page for the Library of Virginia. Click on “what we have” and it opens a link to Virginia research at the Library of Virginia. The library has placed on line original digital images of Confederate Pension & Disability records, bible records and early land patent grants plus photographs and the WPA records from the 1930s. This site is also useful for ordering court records on microfilm plus valuable for the research of the vast amount of material they have on Virginia history. Everyone who has Virginia history roots should visit the Library of Virginia at least once in their lifetime.

Military Records at the Library of Virginia

Land Records at the Library of Virginia

New River Notes
One of my favorite sites for overall history of our region.

Railroad Pictures of the Coal Fields
If you had Bland County ancestors who worked in the Coal & Railroad industry you will enjoy this site. It is a compellation of pictures taken in the Southern West Virginia Coal fields.

Special Collections Universities Libraries Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech has an extensive collection of manuscripts, photos etc. of Southwest Virginia History. Always worth a search. I found a picture of my grandparents house of their collection of Tazewell, Virginia

Cyndi’s List of Genealogy sites on the Internet. When I first started researching the internet for family history in 1998 this site was so informative. On the web since 1996, as of March 2008 it has 264,400 plus links for family history research. I have spent a few hours through this list at one sitting. It was through this site I found many of the other links I use.

Virginia Historical Society
The Virginia Historical Society has a large collection of records concerning families of Virginia. Especially if you are researching Black History prior to the Civil War their collection of account books for different families can become very informative for research. Always a good place to check family surnames to see what they have in their collection.

Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia
Bland County in 1745 was part of Augusta County Virginia. Some of the earliest settlers on the frontier can be found in the “Chalkley Chronicles” This book is now available on line with the indexes at this site. Extracted from the Original Court Records of Augusta County 1745-1800 by Lyman Chalkley

Black Dutch
Interesting website on the origins of the term “Black Dutch”