Raleigh Martin 106

It was on a Sunday, December the seventh, Fort Custard Michigan. Well I was the mess sergeant in a tank company with the 11th Infantry. I was the only one and a fella named ------ was the only one in the barracks and I went down and told him, no one believed me, that I heard on his radio that the Japanese hit us at Pearl Harbor. I go to the kitchen, tell Marvin G. Kennedy, he was from Indianapolis or Indiana somewhere, and he said, well, his name was Marvin G.. says 'I like to use a machine gun, that's my name, Marvin G. Kennedy.' And then I went to the PX, I knew I didn't make a mistake on listening to another man's radio in another room, I had roomed by myself, and I told two or three, 'You miscued -- ----- told me the same thing down in the latrine, he was down shaving, cleaning LIP, and about two hours from the time I got to the PX. it come over the loudspeaker and they come, they's calling these guys up they'd let out past twenty years old, like that, sortie of the older fellas, they come, they's letting' them out, they was Selective Service, and they called them back, they's calling them back, and then, from then on out, it was, that's all they was talking about. Well, on December the eighth, that's when Franklin D. Roosevelt declared war on Japan. December the eleventh was when we declared war on Germany and Italy.