Edna Sarver 325

Edna: Oh, I’ll never forget that day, we were, Momma was, me and Florence and Stella Kitts, were playing out in the field, and heard Momma scream, she was listening to the radio on Sunday evening, and we heard her scream, so we didn’t know what had happened. So we run to the house to see what was the matter with Momma, and she says, Them old Japanese have bombed Pearl Harbor, and that’s the first I remember of that.

Jon: How did people feel about it?

Edna: Oh, they was terribly upset, mother, what upset Mother was she knew there would be another war and she had three boys, and she knew they would probably have to go, and then her brother was in the, Uncle Bob, fought in World War I and she remembered that, and I think that’s what upset her so.