The Tunnels

Bland County is the only county in the United States that is entered and exited via Interstate Tunnels. Big Walker Mountain located a few hundred yards from the Wythe County line and East River Mountain,which forms the Virginia and West Virginia border, are the locations of these tunnels. They began construction of these tunnels in 1967 and 1969. They were both finished in 1972 and 1974 after five years of work. The cost to build both structures was around 90 million dollars. The tunnels allow lane changing, which is an unusual feature for vehicular tunnels in the United States. They carry Interstate 77 through East River Mountain and Big Walker Mountain. These tunnels are among the top ten longest two lane interstate tunnels in the country. Before the tunnels were built, travelers to Bluefield and Wytheville had to cross these mountains. The tunnels are currently under reconstruction where they are widening the sides for safety reasons. Bland County was a very isolated place before these tunnels were constructed. Now Bluefield and Wytheville are just minutes away.

  • Big Walker Tunnel