Thurman Conley

Thurman Conley tells his youngest daughter, Nancy,(rghs96) about building the tunnel.

Nancy: Do you remember any interesting or funny things that happened while you were working on the tunnel.

Thurman: "One time when a six inch air line blowed apart. It hit the portable johnny and the labor foreman was in the inside -which he was in bad shape to be frank with you."

Nancy: Is there anything else you would like to tell me that you thinks of any importance?

Thurman: "Well, there's a lot of things if I just had the time to think about them. Before they started building the tunnel they put some infa-red lines to show where to dig the tunnel to keep it on a straight arrow, but in the mean time up on top of the East River Mountain Tunnel they had stakes up there where they could zero on with their apparatus they had to do it with, but the deer kept tearing it down, so what they done was they sent off and got some lion manure and spread it out there to keep the deer from tearing the stakes down."

Nancy: Is there anything else you have you would like to tell me?

Thurman: "Yes, about putting the grout in the caves for thirty days and nights, twenty-four hours a day and after you get in there in the winter time going back in there with salamanders and keeping the heat inside was a pretty good job. A lot of times it would get pretty scary back in there just by myself."

Nancy:Thank you, Mr. Conley for your time.

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