One Room Schools
One room school houses were the backbone of education in Bland County until not too many years ago. There was a school house up every holler and sometimes two. They were within walking distance of their students. Reading, writing, arithmetic and the stick were the basic SOL's and somehow everyone made out just fine. Many of these school houses were turned into churches, stores, and houses and still are being used today.

  • Dry Fork The Reverend Fred Saunders and his wife Estellia remember the one room school house up Dry Fork. They are interviewed by their great granddaughter Kacelia Williams.
  • Laurel Creek Joni Johnson interviews Faye Hodges and Mae Lambert on the one room school houses up Laurel Creek on the Rocky Gap side of the county(there are two Laurel Creeks in Bland County).
  • Liberty was located between Bland and Ceres. Ora Grey Stowers recalls teaching there.
  • Silver Creek (No Business) Jessie Hart Finley talks to her granddaughter Shannell Ball.

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