The Tiller's

Ralph Tiller:  We went to school at Rocky Cap; I was in the seventh grade I, when we moved to Bland County. I ... we ... George and I was in seventh grade and we finished school in Rocky Gap, we. went through the seventh, and the four years of high school, so we went to school tip there. five. years. That's when I drove the bits when I was in my senior year  ... the fall of 1937, We finished in the spring of 1938. Had two buildings, we had a old wooden building down there that had, they were only using one room it, it was a four room building but we was only using one room in it, when we moved over here. Then the next two or three years they expanded that into three rooms. Then in, 1936, I believe they buiIt a fourth on to it. And so they the grades in this wooden building, and then the sixth grade, and the seventh grade was in one room of the brick building tip there. And in the other three rooms they taught the four grades of high school only had three high school teachers.

RALPH TILLER:  Reynolds was the principle.

NANNIE TILLER: Stafford, Reggie McMills.

RALPH TILLER:     You know Staford wasn't the principle any time I went to school, but he. was a teacher. And, let's see, Silvia Conley taught the seventh grade, Porter Stafford and R.T. Renolds, and Rosa Stowers was a teaching in that the four room brick building when we  started, Then when they opened this other building down there. There was Tracy Mitchell, Ellen Morhead, Liz Helms, and Liz Turner I believe, I won't swear to that Then in the upper building we had Ms. Jane, Porter Stafford, and R.T. Reynolds, when when I graduated Mr. Graham was the principle, And Ms. Jane was there . . .

George Tiller:  Claude Stowers

RALPH TILLER:  Claude Stowers was there, that's who was there.

NANNIE TILLER:  Claude Woodrow

RALPH TILLER:  No, Claude.

GEORGE TILLER:  He wasn't from around here,

RALPH TILLER:  We got out of school, Thanksgiving we'd get out Thursday and Friday, and then at Christmas we normally got a week off, Of course there wasn't many things going on at the theater or anything so you worked at home or whatever.

NANNIE TILLER:   Well Buford retired from Rocky Gap High School in 1935 in the first graduating class they had, there was only nine graduates that year.

RALPH TILLER:  I graduated in1938, spring of 1938. There were twelve. Two boys And ten gir1s.

GEORGE TILLER:  And we were the two boys.

IIA TILLER:  Buford played ball didn't he.

NANNIE TILLER: Yeah, did you all play ball?

RALPH TILLER:  Oh, yeah played baseball, basketball. That's all we had was baseball, and basketball.

GEORGE TILLER:  We might not of won much, but we played.

RALPH TILLER:  It was all played on a dirt court outside the building.

IIA TILLER:  I thought Buford was on the winning team.

RALPH TILLER:  Basketball was played outside in the dirt.

CT:  Boots was when he was going to school.

NANNIE TILLER: And when you went to play ball you didn't ride on a school bus, you got someone with a logging truck.

RALPH TILLER:  Cattle truck.

BESS TILLER:  You went to Ceres, Mechanicsberg, and Bland ...

NANNIE TILLER: Hollybrook.

BESS TILLER:  And Hollybrook.

NANNIE TILLER:   There was five high schools in the county at that time, and each one had a basketball team.

NANNIE TILLER: They played baseball.

RALPH TILLER:  And baseball in the spring, we played baseball in the spring.

RALPH TILLER:  Well this school we played the other four schools in the country, See we would go, Rocky Gap would play Mechanicsberg, then we,play Bland and then we'd play Ceres, yeah that's all there was wasn't they oh, Hollybrook.

GEORGE TILLER:  Hollybrook.

RALPH TILLER:  Yeah there's four of them, There Was Rocky Gap, Hollybrook, Bland, Mechanicsberg, and Ceres. There was five high schools in Bland County at that time.

NANNIE TILLER: The baseball field was on the school ground.

RALPH TILLER:  This one up here was right front of this upper building up here, what little there was of it. Ceres had theirs down the road about half a mile from the school house. Bland played on the fair grounds. Hollybrook played on the far end of the school building out there, in their school lot. And I don't remember where Mechanicsberg played, but they did, I don't remember where.

GEORGE TILLER:  I can't remember going to play baseball at Mechanicsberg.

RALPH TILLER:  May not have, I don't remember

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