Susie Gross

Rocky Gap was sort of hard for me because I didn’t have time to study very much. The teachers weren’t very nice to you if you weren’t in the high society. If you was poor you got treated poor. Except for one teacher I had... Hazel Stowers.  We studied Math, Reading, and Spelling and arithmetic. History, and Geography, Science and health. And of course, in high school, we had book keeping, short hand, typing, and then the basic Englishes and different things. Just like you have now; government and science.

When I was small, in the lower grades, we would take lunch in bags. A sausage biscuit or just anything for your lunch. Rode a bus that had seats that ran longways on the bus. In the first I had Mrs. Tickle, 2nd Ruby Phillips, 3rd Mrs. Gregory, 4th Virginia Ruth Moorehead, 5th Hazel Stowers 6th I had a combination of Mrs. Mable Pruett and Bobby George Rupert. 7th Orakray Stowers, in high school a large combination of teachers, Mr. Malden, Mrs. Joedon, Rosie Walden, Betty Joyce Blessing, Mr. Porterfield, the rest I can’t remember.

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