George Harless

When I when I started to school there was no school bus I walked and ah there was one little a little one room school there at ah when I was in the primer it was known as the primer and of course they was a ah another old school building there that is torn down know that between well it's near where the church is now and that was the high school and ah in another words it was just two little buildings.

I studied well the regular in elementary I studied just the regular curriculum and in high school I had well I had the regular things like math and I had biology and French and civic and things like that.

My first teacher was Ada Walters. She was Fred Simpkins wife the late Fred Simpkins and her were well in fact Fred's not been dead long but his wife was my first teacher, Ada Walters. I was only about seven she was twenty one something like that.  And then and then of course I had other teachers. Porter Stafford was the principal at Rocky Gap, Paul Goodman was there and then of course we had ah different ones up through high school Paul Updike, Harry Folson, and then ah Rosey Gordon was my teacher I reckon longer than any other teacher she was ah she was ever time I'd get promoted she'd get promoted and I stayed with her for five years.


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