Bunce Brewer

I came over here when I was thirteen at Christmas time, then I had a birthday and stayed till I graduated from high school, we didn't have but four years then, I went to beauty school.

When I came down here to school, what is now the oldest part of the school was the high school and there was a white building house that they had the grades in. Then they built the little, what used to be the auditoriums, a couple little school rooms. But that was all. That was the main part of the school when I came over here and was for a couple of years. So there was heat in the school, the building was heated with pot-bellied stoves the first year I went in. And we did have water in the building. But we didn't have any bathrooms, we had to go to the Jonny-House. Had outside toilets for the first couple of years of it.

I think I had four subjects and a study hall, maybe. Lets see, I had just plain old math, English and Literature together. Lets see, Math, English, Literature, History, and we worked our spelling in with our English. Geography, History, see that was four periods and a study hall. When I first come here, Hagen Graham was Principal that year, and Mrs. Jane was an English teacher. Garland Oa ... no. What was his name? Mr. Stafford was our home-room teacher the freshman year, and I believe Garland Oa... no, Margie Bumpkin she was from (inaudible) and she's dead now. That was my teachers the the first year, four teachers. You could be punished with a paddling and you could be sent home from school for not minding. Not minding was what we called it, you know for not recognizing your teachers as an authority. I've seen several people ... I never did get a whipping but I got called down several times.

The school bus was an old Ford school bus that came off of Wolf Creek, lets see, I'd say we had twenty, twenty five, at least twenty-five students on there. That's a rough guess but ... I've got some pictures of the that old school bus.

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