Through out the early years, Hollybrook schools were a place of learning and endless scenic beauty. The first school in the area was called the "Old John Harman House". It was a log house with a rock chimney and one small window. The first building that was erected for the purpose of a school was located northeast of the town community center. This school is known to have been in use more than seventy years ago.

There were many small one room schools in the surrounding area. There were schools on Silver Creek, Dismal, Pinch Creek, No Business, and up Kimberling as well. Over the years these schools were closed and consolidated into Hollybrook.

The most recent school was the Hollybrook School, which is pictured in the bottom-right hand side of the page. The land was brought from Mr. and Mrs. John C. Mustard, and was erected in 1927. It was composed of three room at first; but, due to the increased enrollments, they added three more rooms. This school was closed in 1930 and the students were sent to school at Bland or Rocky Gap. This school is now used as a community center. It is the hub of the community, just like when it was a school, and is home to many family and community events. It also hosts a vibrant music scene where the Hollybrook Community Band and others are found playing to appreciative crowds dancing into the night.

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