It wasn't until the year 1922 that the plans for the first school in Bastian were made. Before that time, the only schools in the area were located up Hunting Camp Creek. They only accommodated the local students in the area. While the first school was being erected, the classes were held in the Bastian Union Church. In 1927, the Virginia Hardware Lumber Company relocated to Bastian, bringing an increase in the population of both the town and the school. Therefore, additional rooms would be needed. The lumber company donated the lumber and W.J. Bruce, who built the original building, added on the new rooms. At one time, the student population got so large that the four rooms couldn't accomodate everyone. Extra rooms had to be rented from individual citizens in the surrounding area. In 1955, a new brick building was established at a different location at the cost of $112,215.79. This school was in use until the fall of 1993. Today, this building is now home to the Bland County School Board Office.

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