Bastian Schools

A Short History of Schooling in the Bastian Area

Before Bastian School was constructed, students attended two schools up Hunting camp and one in Suiter. The school up Hunting Camp was located in the area of where Jack Lundy lives today, which was the old Bill Bowles property. This school existed until about 1900. The other school was located where Bill Hoosier presently lives. This school was in use until approximately 1920.

1920 was about the time they started planning the construction of Bastian School.The Hunting Camp Creek School and the Suiter School were combined and consolidated to build the two-room school, Bastian School. The larger school, Bastian School, was built to accommodate the increase in population because of the railroad and Virginia Hardwood Lumber Company which had just recently moved into the area at this time. Virginia Hardwood Lumber Company donated the materials for the construction of the new school. While the school was under construction, classes were held at Bastian Union Church.

Later on, in approximately 1955, a new modern brick building was built. The new building was built because the two-room school was now "becoming inadequate for the students at this time, our heat came from a "pot-belly" stove in each classroom, it has outdoor toilets, and most of all was beginning to be over crowded," said Faye Kidd, a former teacher in the two-room school.

The same building, constructed in 1955, continued to be used until the fall of 1993. The students from the Bastian area now attend Rocky Gap Combined School.

Jennifer Brown RGHS 1994

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