The AASIS (Appalachain Arts and Studies In Schools) Program

The Appalachian Regional Studies at Radford University AASIS Program

During the 2006-2007 school year, nearly sixty Radford University students, fifteen high school teachers, and one-hundred and forty Southwest Virginia high school students participated in the Appalachian Arts and Studies in the Schools (AASIS). This program was developed to achieve two goals: One, to encourage Southwest Virginia students to pursue a higher education, and second, to give these students an opportunity to learn more about the Appalachian region culture.

The fifteen high school teachers that were participating worked together to prepare lessons for their classrooms on Appalachian studies. Each individual teacher choose ten AASIS Scholars. The Radford University students participating in the program became a 'Mentor' either to one or two AASIS Scholars. Mentors visited their AASIS Scholars' school at least twice during the academic year to make both presentations regarding general college life and Appalachian studies. They also served as hosts and tour guides for their AASIS Scholars during two field trips to the Radford University campus. Mentors and AASIS Scholars got to know each other better and kept in touch with one another throughout the year via written letters and e-mail. To finish up the year, AASIS Scholars make presentations in their schools and communities about what they have learned from their experience with AASIS.

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