Benny DeAtley

Nathan Blessing (RGHS '96) interviewed Benny DeAtley On March 15, 1993.

Nathan: What did The 65 season mean to you?

Benny: It was a great year. We had a great ball team, and I got to play with some good players.

Nathan: What do you think it did for the community?

Benny: I'm not really sure, as far as the community I think everybody appreciated the team we had and was proud of it,. It gave the school a little pride for a change.

Nathan: What was you favorite story from that year?

Benny: Well, I'm not really sure.

Henry: What about Harold hitting that long shot in the third quarter of the state game?

Nathan: I don't believe that story,I don't care how many people you get to swear to it.

Henry: Everybody we have interviewed has sworn to it.

Benny: Yea, he had the fast break and he just stopped there and fired it up, didn't he?

Nathan: What do you think made you better than the teams you played.

Benny: We had a well balanced team, it wasn't just one player. We had height, we had outside shooting, and we had some good inside shooting.

Nathan: What did you think about Castle Coliseum?

Benny: Big. It was so much bigger than any other building we had played in.

Nathan: What position did you play?

Benny: I was relief man.

Nathan: In the tournament did you ever think you were going to lose.

Benny: Yes, I did at times. We were behind by about twelve at half time, then we started playing a press on them and they fell to pieces. I went back and watched them the next year, and they tell to pieces on it again.

Nathan: The team you beat for the title in 65 went back in 66 again?

Benny: Yes, I believe they were state runners up again that year too.

Nathan: If you could do anything over would you do anything different?

Benny: No, not really, I did everything I could do then.

Nathan: Who were strongest opponents in the tournament and in the regular season?

Benny: Auburn was the strongest in the regular season. Probably in the district tournament they were still the strongest. Then Blue ridge was the strongest in the regionals.

Nathan: Did you do anything in the preseason to prepare for the upcoming season?

Benny: Just a whole lot practice before the season started around the house by ourselves.

Henry: Tell him about in the state game, it was so loud you couldn't hear anything, and Harold was pounding you on the back yelling big boy hustle, hustle big boy.

Benny: I remember they had been practicing me at center and they were running a 3, 1, 1, press on us and I got a little confused there.

Henry: Harold was just hitting you an the back yelling hustle big boy. I had never seen some one who wanted to win more than Harold.

Nathan: When did the team start coming together?

Benny: I would say we improved at tournament time. It was our last game if we didn't win and with everybody pushing to win we just pushed harder.

Nathan: At the beginning of the season did you think you were going to be as good as you turned out to be?

Benny: I didn't think we would go that far.

Nathan: As a team do you think you could have done anything better?

Benny: No, I believe we did the best we could with what we had.

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