"Old Mason Burton, he's dead now, was over in Pinch Creek at a bean hullin' over there and they pinched him, so he said, 'I know what I'll call that creek, Pinch Creek.'" --- Huckleberry Myers.

Pinch Creek got its name from Mason Burton. Whenever he was down in the creek he got pinched by a crawdad. A crawdad is a crab-like animal that is as small as a shrimp would be. Anyways after that happened he decided to call that area Pinch Creek. The small town of Pinch Creek is one of the most beautiful places you could ever visit. It is surrounded by mountains and is home to endless scenic beauty. Not very many people live there but the people that do live there are all just like one big family. However, many of the people that live there really are related. There are three whole families that live up Pinch Creek. There's the Ramsey family, the Clark family, and the Williams family. Because Pinch Creek is so small, everybody knows everybody and news travels fast! If anything important happens everyone knows about it weaher it's good or bad.

"There is no other place like this. I just really can't imagine myself living any place else. It's a perfect, small quiet town...I love it!"--Minnie Williams

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