Bland County History Archives: Christmas Special

Students in the 2005-06 Local History and Technology class researched customs of Bland County Christmas Past. They went through almost 500 transcripts, listened to hours of audio, and wrote reports, made videos, and gave presentations. In fact there are several parts ot this project that will be carried on for quite some time. Below you can find the fruits of their labors.



These are audio clips from interviews that have been recently or have been previously added. Choose which format to listen to clips in. Apple Quicktime or RealOne player are recommended for mp4 format clips.


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The Childress family celebrates Christmas with a family photograph with the soldier son at home on leave a long time ago.
The Sarver family celebrates Christmas every year with the festive colors of the season.
Jackie Agee celebrates Christmas with a younger sibling by the tree in Hollybrook.
The kids of RGHS know that another day of heavy snow means another day without school.
A young gentlemen rides on horseback down a long road during the winter season.
A family in Ceres makes a family photo into a Christmas Card.